How comes there is no sugar listed as a product ingredient, but there is sugar in the nutritional value table? Is it a mistake on the label? Not at all, one sugar is not equal to others. So if you find an inscription “contains naturally occurring sugars” on the label, this is a product with ingredients containing sugar. This is the case e.g. for fruit, milk or cereals containing a lot of e.g. simple sugars. This is one of the reasons why our products do not contain any sugar added right “from a sugar bowl”. If sugar is naturally present anywhere, including potatoes (!), it will be better for health if Sweet Mill products do not contain it.

Salt is an effective and also the cheapest preservative which can be used in food. It is also a taste-enhancing agent, added not only to the salty, but also sweet products. Those are some of the reasons why most products on the market contain salt. However, excessive salt consumption — with Poles exceeding the daily recommended dose at least twice or thrice — may result in strokes, osteoporosis and hypertension even in children! For this reason, we should resign from salt wherever possible and you do not find this ingredient in Sweet Mill products.

According to the estimates, 50% of all products in our shops contain palm oil. It can be found virtually everywhere, including in the food, cosmetics, cleaning agents and even fuel. The manufacturers like to use it as it is inexpensive, odourless and preserves the products well. So why do you not find it in Sweet Mill products? It is because palm oil is cultivated at the expense of bio-diversity and ecosystems of rain forests. It is estimated the forests with the area of 27 football pitches are felled every minute for the sake of its production. This is why 90% of orangutan habitats were destroyed during recent 20 years, making them an endangered species. We do not want and must not contribute to those practices!

Sweet Mill family includes three brands of products divided based on their “sweetening” forms. The Nakręcone product line is the healthiest as the products contain an absolutely safe, according to WHO, sugar substitute with low energy value to make them sweet. Nakręcone products are characterized by a subtle, cool taste on the tongue. An alternative is AlleDobre! line sweetened with a sugar substitute with medium energy value. AlleDobre! will be loved by all the amateurs of healthy snacks leaving a velvety sweet taste on the tongue. The third product line is SłoodkoDoobre! products dedicated to anyone who does not want to resign from the “sugar bowl” sugar.

Sweet Mill products do not contain any colourants and preservatives. We want them to be as sweet as possible, but also healthy and natural. This is why the emulsifying agent in our products is non-GMO soy lecithin, and all aromas giving them their absolutely delicious, characteristic taste and aroma are labelled natural.

Our Nakręcone and AlleDobre! products do not have any ingredients classified as harmful and unhealthy. You will not find any added sugar here, meaning they do not contribute to plaque formation or diabetes risk. There is no palm oil, colourants, preservatives, but there are vitamins and minerals which, combined with the delicious taste, make them an excellent and good snack also for children.

If you suffer from diabetes, you may choose products with no sugar added. Sweet Mill products with no “sugar bowl” sugar belong to Nakręcone and AlleDobre! line.

For your convenience, Sweet Mill products with no ingredients of animal origin are marked with the yellow and green V-Label logo, familiar and recognizable in the community.